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Tina Brown began the www.hauntedexperiences.eu website as a result of the success of the ghost walks of Hastings Old Town. These walks grew since they began in 1993, and have culminated in a number of books being written by Tina on the subject. To date, Tina has written “Haunted Hastings”, “Haunted Middlesborough”, “Haunted Hastings Trails” under the pen-name Tina Lakin, and has also released “Hastings Ghost Walk Uncovered” under Tina Brown.

The most recent releases from Tina Brown are “Haunted Experiences in Eastbourne” and “Haunted Experiences in Hastings and Beyond”. Both of these books are exclusively available via Amazon and the online distributor LuLu.

Born and raised in Hastings, Tina researched and developed the original Hastings Old Town Ghost Walk in 1993 for the Hastings Old Town Carnival Week festival. The first tour was a roaring success, and the tours ran right up to 2015. In addition, due to the popularity of the tours, the guided walks were made available all year long, as everyone knows ghosts don’t just appear at Halloween!!

Tina operates the guided tours alongside her full-time day job, so it is even more remarkable just how popular and successful the tours became. All this, and there are a number of books and booklets that Tina has written about the ghosts and other things that go bump in the night.

The ghosts have taken Tina across Europe, and there is sure to be a guidebook to record the stories, legends and history of the locations visited.

An important part of any HauntedExperience tour was the history of the location. Together with her partner, Jason Neale, the history of the locations has been fully researched and has led to the creation of the new range of bespoke Historic Tours. Each tour provides an interesting insight into the events of days gone by.

Remember to always look over your shoulder on those cold dark nights. You just never know what you might see a ghost!


Follow the very latest updates from Tina, including her latest writing projects at her blog at tinabrownwriter

A sample of her the blog can be seen below.

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2015 Celebrated the 22nd year of the Hastings Old Town Ghost Walk

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